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Our Manglier Tea Leaf 100% authentic, Herbal tea harvested on 1000 acres of private land in Louisiana by Indigenous Peoples native to the region.


A herbal supportive preparation in the form of a loose tea to be brewed. Manglier tea is used to support the immune system.

Manglier is the hidden jewel of the herbal plant collection. Manglier Tea is a very rare tea that Native Americans have used as a supportive herbal preparation.

1 oz loose tea.

Instructions for use:
Place desired amount of tea into boiling water and allow to steep for 5-10 minutes. Pour the desired amount of steeped tea into a cup and stir. Add fresh squeezed lemon and honey for added vitamin c and taste

Manglier Tea Leaf is a greenish/ brownish spear-shaped leaf. During the drying process, some of the leaves fall from the branches; however, the branches of the tea leaf are more effective than the leaf itself. Bitter in taste; follow our recipe below for ways to reduce. Try adding our Organic Elderberry Syrup w/ Raw Honey for a double dose of immune-boosting support and flavor.

1 oz Manglier loose tea.

Medical disclaimer
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any preexisting medical conditions or diseases. If you have any preexisting health conditions you should consult with a physician before using this product.